Read below to see the reason behind my passion for our city!

Corona is My Home…

We started our family in Corona.  My wife and I were married in 2003 and rented our first apartment together in Corona.  We have since lived in two different houses in Corona and have had three children.  Corona is where we started our family and it will always be home.

My family and I live in a historic house on Corona’s historic circle, Grand Boulevard.  In 2010, against the advice of many friends and family, we purchased a run down 1913 craftsman house on the coroner of East Grand Boulevard and Garretson.  The house had suffered many years of neglect and required extensive remodeling.  After years of work, the house is now registered with the City and the County as a historic landmark. Throughout the process we learned about the history of the house and became students of the history of Corona.

My wife and I both started and base our own businesses here in Corona.  My wife has her own architectural firm, Align Architecture, and I own an electrical contracting business, Strong Electric.  We love being based in our home town.  

2014-2015, I was president of the Corona Historic Preservation Society.  As a Board of Director member and then as President of the Corona Historic Preservation Society I honored our city’s history by being involved in recognizing and supporting the history of our City. 

I created the “History of Corona” Facebook page.  As an outlet for my love of Corona history, I created the “History of Corona” Facebook page in 2014 as a place to post my research.  I love seeing the Facebook page grow with such passionate supporters.  I enjoy all of your comments and input.  Please follow my Facebook page to share in our love of Corona history.

I attend City meetings and functions as a citizen.  I enjoy keeping up with what is going on in our city.  I regularly attend City Council meetings and speak up for matters of importance.  Whether I am a citizen or a council member representing the citizens, I will continue to be interested in the matters of our city.