Read below to see where I stand on the issues that need to be fixed in Corona, CA.

Where I Stand...

I am against the November ballot vote to increase sales tax 1%.  There were no study sessions and there was no public input.  The measure is built on the basis of questionable polls and biased consultant reports.  As citizens we should know why our money is needed and how it will be used.  The City needed to earn our trust before the measure was put on the ballot.  For this reason, I am urging a “no” vote.

I believe that honesty is always the best policy.  I believe that regular audits of the city finances should be performed and all agenda items should have full disclosure to the citizens.  The citizens are smart and should know what is going on.  No citizen deserves to be left in the dark.

We should limit city council member terms to maximum 8 years.  I believe that limiting our city council representatives’ terms minimizes corruption and disconnect from the citizens. 

I urge for no campaign contributions from developers.  I don’t believe that candidates should accept campaign contributions from developers.  Developers have come into our city in the past and forced rezoning and condensed zoning in our city in order to meet their interests without consideration of our overall City interests.  Our city has zoning maps and master planning for future growth in place to insure that the City is balanced with types of housing and types of businesses to support all of the citizen’s needs.  Our city council members’ votes to alter this should not be influenced by campaign contributions.

First and foremost I am a citizen, not a politician.  I am an advocate of every citizen having a voice.  I believe that social media has allowed citizens a larger platform to be heard and I am encouraged by the many social media groups in Corona. This is our City and we decide the future.  I am listening to you and would be honored to represent you as a City Council member.  I humbly ask for your support of my candidacy for District 3 City Council.